Long Trip Home: Stand Up Paddleboard Fantasy


I’m so happy you found this site, intended for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members to apprise them of a wonderful gift for the mid-grader in their family, specifically, the nine- to twelve-year-old who will enjoy this adventure story about standup paddling with a Hawaii setting.

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Picture of Long Trip Home

I started writing Long Trip Home in the fall of 2012. I had completed a writing course for children few months earlier, and one of the stories I wrote for 8th through 10th graders was how an older brother, Akoni, given a stand up paddle board on his tenth birthday, taught himself how to use it. It’s not that easy to get aboard. An adult man friend I talked to recently who had taught himself how to standup paddle board fell off six times just trying to learn how to stand up and be balanced. Of course he added laughing, “It’s always fun to get wet.”

Planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii, in April, 2013, I envisioned being able to take a picture of a young boy stand up paddle boarding off Maui shores. I had first seen stand up paddle boarding off Maui shores in 2008. And now there he was with a man, probably his father, just getting ready to get his board into the gentle surf. We were on the third floor of a condo very close to the beach, and I was thrilled to see this photo-op developing right before my eyes. I grabbed my fancy wireless smart phone/camera and the agreement permitting me to use the picture I would take for a book cover. Also, some cash incentive for the boy. I took the picture and later that day sent the image from my wireless phone to the editor’s cover process in India. Now Ryan’s image is embodied on the cover before you of a young boy of the right age standing on his paddle board in the ocean off the coast of Kahana.

And this story written for middle-grade children is a delight. Akoni’s younger brother, Micah, is now an important participant in the boys’ adventure to modify an ocean-going kayak, and stand up paddle their invention to the island of Molokai to visit their native Hawaiian grandmother. Here’s a synopsis of the boys’ adventure.

On Maui, Hawaii, two brothers, 12 year old Akoni and 10 year old Micah, both standup paddle boarders, modify an ocean-going kayak, to be a standup paddle kayak. This starts their adventure to paddle the kayak to Molokai, the nearby island where their native Hawaiian grandmother lives. Their crossing is adventurous as they encounter dangerous currents and playful dolphins. They learn from their grandmother that their grandfathers’ many generations back were Kahunas, spiritual leaders and healers. This information inspires Akoni to think about being a Kahuna, too. On their return to Maui the currents and strong wind forces them out to sea beyond Maui where they have to deal with life threatening events. Will they survive?

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Readers’ Comments

A wonderful tale of two young boys’ adventurous quest to do what no other human had done before, to cross the ocean from Maui to Molokai on a standup paddle-board kayak. We follow as they prepare and successfully reach their destination. Having arrived, they then learn more about their rich heritage as Hawaiians and with a dangerous venture back, they’re a bit wiser. A wonderful read for the young adventurer in all of us!”


This tale about two brothers, 12 year old Akoni and 10 year old Micah, is filled with imagery, from the foods they eat to the details Akoni works out to modify the ocean-going kayak to be a standup paddle kayak, and the descriptions of the Hawaiian people and scenery. The characteristics of the boys are those you would like to find in your children and grandchildren. They show respect for each other, their elders, and their heritage. They assume responsibility for their adventure trip Akoni dreams up, listen to advice, but the two boys do it themselves.”


My 16-year-old granddaughter read this as a comfortable coming of age story. Akoni is interested in finding out about his Hawaiian heritage and appreciates their values. He’s becoming independent and while he did most of the work for the modifications of the kayak, he shared the work with others and gave them credit. We both enjoyed the book and while it’s written for teens and younger teens, we think everyone will enjoy it.”


I have read your book and I enjoyed it. I think it will be good for 5th, 6th and 7th graders. I have not been to Maui yet, so the description of the trees and the life there was really great and makes me want to go there. It is good to give kids the freedom to try new things and test out their ideas and this is the freedom I love. You learn outside a classroom. Your book shows this well.”


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About the Author

Robert Temple Frost was born in Denver, Colorado and was raised in Denver and Colorado Springs. He graduated from East Denver High, attended the University of Colorado at Boulder graduating with a BS degree in Business and Finance. He joined the U. S. Air Force during the Korean War and served as a Petroleum Officer during a tour on Okinawa. In 1957 Robert was appointed to an administrative position with the Department of Commerce in Boulder. He retired in 1991 after thirty six years of Federal employment with Commerce environmental research laboratories.

Robert completed and self-published in 1991 a novel entitled, THE KNOWERS — First Move. This novel has a strong new consciousness and spirituality theme, and is a stimulant for political party and social viewpoint changes. Go to Robert’s website, BeAKnower.com to review the book and reviewers’ comments, and to order the book. You will find that a sequel non-fiction book, THE KNOWERS — Second Move, is available to read and/or download free.


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